Hobbyist for Hire: There are many wonderful, professional photographers in the New Orleans area. I do not claim or pretend to be as skilled as them in their area of expertise. That's why I don't do weddings. However, if you like my work and my prices are right, then I'd love to be your photographer for your occassion.

I've always enjoyed taking photos. I remember as a kid wanting to take photos on all our family trips. It never really turned into a passion until my adult years, having children really helped drive a more serious interest. Now I find myself on the path to building a photography business.

When I started photography as a hobby I was mostly taking landscape photos. New Orleans is a photographer's paradise! I love to photograph the French Quarter and took many trips to town either with the family or on my own. Local parks are another wonderful place to photograph scenery, architecture, and wildlife. Mardi Gras provided me many opportunities to capture color and excitement in my photos. When my kids were competing in sports I tried to take artistic shots as well as typical sports photography shots.

After Hurricane Katrina I started taking photos almost every day. Being a New Orleans history buff I saw the opportunity to photo document a major event and turning point in the area's history. I took over 5,000 photos of Katrina's aftermath in Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi gulf coast. I submitted many to NOLA.com and they were published on their website. A publisher noticed my work and I agreed to let them use some of my photos in their book Signs of Life to raise funds for several hurricane relief charities.

I ventured into portrait photography in the fall of 2007 when I got my first DSLR. I started shooting my teenage daughter and cousin. The internet helped me make contact with many local models where we worked together in a TFCD (Trade For CD) agreement. One of those models is Claire Cummings, who introduced me to the local pageantry scene.

I've also met other local photographers, both serious armatures and professionals, that have helped teach me about photography. One is a wedding photographer that I assist him at wedding and take candid photos and spontaneous portraits. I also do freelance photography for NOLA.com, having worked directly for them at the Volleyball State Championships games in the Pontchatrain Center, Football State Championship games in the Superdome, and the Sugar Bowl festivities in the French Quarter. I'm currently doing some photography work for Making Impressions.

That brings me to today. I ask that you review my posted photo albums for samples of my work. Then, if you like what you see, please let me know. I appreciate feedback on my work. And, of course, if you like my work….hire me!

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